Pras Taps Warren G, R. Kelly For New LP; Talks Fugees' Future

With his new film, "Turn It Up," in theaters this week, and another film, titled "Higher Ed," in the can, Pras is now gearing up for his return to the music scene with a new album, due out early next year.

The new record will mark Pras' first solo effort since 1998's "Ghetto Supastar," an album that directly inspired the current film, which at one time shared the same title as the LP (see [article id="1429185"]"Pras, Ja Rule Report From The Set Of 'Ghetto Superstar'"[/article]).

But now Pras said he has had time to "regroup and get [his] whole mind back into the music thing" and is ready to "really come out full blast" with his sophomore record, whose title tips its cap to a certain civil rights documentary from the 1980s.

Well, actually, I'm back home finishing my [new] album right now," Pras told MTV News. "I'm going to drop it at the top of next year, and it's going to be right this time.

[article id="1444326"]"Actually,

this my first time even talking about it,"[/article] he added. [article id="1444326"]"The name of the album is 'Eyes On The Pras.' I've got maybe two or three guest appearances. I've got my man R. Kelly on it, Scarface, Tha Outlawz, and my man Warren G." [RealVideo][/article]

Aside from his solo work, Pras offered a hopeful note regarding the fate of the Fugees, the all-star hip-hop trio featuring his cousin Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill. The group hasn't released an album since 1996's multi-platinum "The Score," as the individual members have all branched out to do their own solo projects.

"Well, we're still trying to work it out," Pras said. "I mean, right now, the Fugees are wounded, and we're trying to heal the wounds and see if we can get back up [on our feet] and drop an album,

hopefully.... [RealVideo]

It's real deep, but only God knows, man, only God knows.

In a similar vein, Pras also addressed the tone and message behind "Where Fugees At?," a song from Wyclef's current album, "The Ecleftic." He said he understood where his cousin was coming from.

It was interesting," Pras said of the track. "I took it with a grain of salt. We're still trying to figure it out. [Wyclef is] doing his thing, and a big up to what he's doing. But hopefully we can make [a new Fugees album] happen.