Justin Bieber Vibes Out While Covering Drake And Rihanna On Piano

You've never heard 'Work' sound so classically chill

Justin Bieber may be in the middle of his massive Purpose tour -- during which he performs only original songs -- but offstage, he’s casually paid tribute to one of his favorite artists: Drake.

In a pair of Instagram videos posted Monday afternoon, the 22-year-old superstar covers his fellow Canadian’s hit “Hotline Bling,” as well as Drizzy’s most recent collab with Rihanna, “Work.” The clips are pretty short, but JB’s work on the keys is impressive. It’s too bad there was no one in the vacant hotel lobby to give him his due praise... but that’s probably why he shared them with Instagram in the first place.

Check out the vids below, and don’t worry -- Justin’s questionable dreads are covered up with a baseball cap, so you won’t be too distracted to focus on the music.

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