Drake Explains Sentiment Behind 'I Get Lonely Too'

New track, off upcoming mixtape 'It's Never Enough,' drops on Tuesday.

While fans eagerly await [article id="1647904"]Drake's R&B mixtape It's Never Enough,[/article] Drizzy has been carefully releasing news on what they can expect from it. And on Tuesday morning (October 5), he dropped one of the tape's tracks, "I Get Lonely Too," a delicately slow-moving track produced by Noah "40" Shebib.

When MTV News caught up with him during VMA rehearsals, Drake talked a bit about "I Get Lonely Too." Given his platinum debut album, the adoration of women and girls everywhere and the support of rap's premier crew, Young Money, you wouldn't necessarily think Drake could be lonely. But he explained that "you could be lonely with a bunch of people around you."

"I'm envious of friends of mine that have great committed relationships," he said. "When people call home to check on their girl or they say, 'I'm not going to go out tonight. I'm just going to spend the night with my girl.' That hits me, man. I just don't have that."

At the ripe age of 23, Drake said that he's had his fun. He's experienced the rush of nightclubs and strip clubs, but they have become bland.

"And also, I'm not going to be the one to drag my own name through the dirt, so to be with a different woman every night is a terrible decision," he said, explaining why he resists the temptation to sow his wild oats.

"If I can find a connection with somebody that can understand what goes on in this life -- and when I say somebody who understands, I don't mean a girl that understands that I'm going to be with other girls; I mean just a girl that's supportive and makes it easy to exist and laugh," he said. "Laughing is a big thing. Conversation's got to flow. We got to laugh at the same things."

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