Emma Watson Vs. Seth Rogen: Who's Blazed More Trails?

Watson will receive the MTV Trailblazer Award at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, an honor her 'This Is the End' co-star dubs 'impressive.'

It's not just [article id="1705226"]Rihanna who is slapping people around[/article] in the new comedy "This Is the End," out later this year. MTV Movie Awards nominee and [article id="1704342"]Trailblazer Award winner Emma Watson[/article] also gets to beat someone up in the flick.

"She was into it. We wrote her the role and we sent it to her and we said, 'It's a little crazy, but we think you'd be really funny doing it.' And she was totally game," star/writer/director Seth Rogen told MTV News on Monday night during the [article id="1705226"]first night of Sneak Peek Week[/article] in Universal City, California, leading up to Sunday's Movie Awards. "And it was awesome and she beats the sh-- out of me in the movie, which may have been one of the reasons she was so psyched about it.

"I don't think she even knew who I was," he added. "I'm not convinced she'd seen any of my movies. She was awesome. I can't believe she did it. It was very nice of her in the end."

The "Perks of Being a Wallflower" actress will be at the show Sunday to take home a very special piece of hardware as the 2013 MTV Trailblazer at this year's Movie Awards, which go live Sunday at 9 p.m.

"Is she like 23? That's young to be a trailblazer!" Rogen marveled. "That's impressive. I'm 30. I'm not a trailblazer yet. How many trails do I gotta blaze? I blaze more than anyone! You know that. [Laughs.] Such a stupid joke ... "

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In addition to the MTV Trailblazer Award, Watson is also up for three other Movie Awards nominations: Best Female Performance, Best Kiss (with "Perks" co-star Logan Lerman) and Best Musical Moment (with "Perks" co-stars Lerman and Ezra Miller).

Watson will be on hand to open up about her big Movie Awards night when she stops by [article id="1704257"]Sneak Peek Week[/article] on Friday with her "Bling Ring" co-stars. They'll be dishing about the Sofia Coppola-directed flick on MTV at 11 p.m. ET. Following an exclusive clip from the movie, MTV's Josh Horowitz will chat with the cast live, exclusively on

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