Here's Why You Shouldn't Get Too Attached To Judith And Carl On 'The Walking Dead'

If you're not an only child already, 'The Walking Dead' will make you one.

If you've been watching "The Walking Dead" since the very beginning, you might have noticed a certain pattern when it comes to the deaths of major characters -- a pattern that just won't stop.

Basically, this show clearly has serious issues with sibling survivors.

It began back in Season 1 with Andrea's sister, Amy. It popped up again in Season 3, when poor Daryl took a rock to Zombie Merle's skull, and in Season 4, when crazy Lizzie killed her own sis, little Mika. And in the past few episodes alone? It's been so long, Beth. And RIP, Tyreese. And of course, a gut-ripping goodbye to Aidan -- who was obviously doomed from the moment it turned out that he was one of two Monroe boys left alive in Alexandria.



So intense is "The Walking Dead"'s anti-sibling vendetta, not even your half-bros, step-sisters, or brothers-from-another-mother are safe. Remember Maggie's step-brother (and half-brother to Beth) Shawn Greene, who was ignominiously killed off in Season 2?

And for that matter, even invoking the idea of sibling-hood seems to be a risky proposition. Rick and Shane were always referring to each other as "brother," and just look how that turned out.



Oh God, he said it. He said the b-word.

At this point, every major character who weathered the end of the world alongside a brother or sister, literal or figurative, has been turned into an only child... save two. Because there is one pair of siblings who remain conspicuously alive together in the world of "The Walking Dead": Carl Grimes, age 12 (ish), and his baby sister, Judith.

So far, both kids have been protected from the series' penchant for killing off sibs. Carl, because it would have been too much, too soon, after that multi-episode plot arc involving his fight for survival after being shot; and Judith, because murdering an infant is one of those you just kinda can't do on primetime television.

But with Carl having grown into a full-fledged tween, and Judith approaching toddler-hood, their respective grace periods of assured survival can't last much longer.

Our prediction: The family Grimes will likely survive intact through this year's season finale. But by this time next year, one of those kids is going to fall victim to the "Walking Dead"'s sibling curse.



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