Q-Tip Gets "Amplified" For Debut Solo Album

Q-Tip, the former frontman for A Tribe Called Quest, has several irons in the fire, including a new solo single.

"Vivrant Thing" is the first release off the "Violator" compilation album, which is due out next week (see [article id="1426773"]"Q-Tip, L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott Down For 'Violator' Compilation"[/article]). He's also working on a solo album, tentatively titled "Amplified," and he recently talked about it with MTV News.

[article id="1449562"]"It's just a collection of songs. It's just how I feel,"[/article] Q-Tip told MTV News. [article id="1449562"]"I think it's different than Tribe, because Tribe was just... it lived underneath a curtain, instead of being in a group with other people. It's kinda just a part of yourself. Here, I can be all of me. So hopefully it's gonna have something out there that everybody will be able to enjoy." [RealVideo][/article]

Q-Tip's solo album will be out in November,

and he also told MTV News he's getting ready to star in a movie he's co-written called "Prison Song."

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