A Die-Hard 'Harry Potter' Gryffindor Is Secretly A Slytherin

‘Traitor’ —J.K. Rowling

Brace yourselves, Potterheads, because everything you think you know is about to be turned upside down. One of Gryffindor’s finest just jumped ship and sided with Slytherin. (After all this time?) Devon Murray, who played Seamus Finnigan in the Harry Potter series, dropped a bombshell on the fandom by admitting he’s “always been a Slytherin at heart.” *Gasp*

This betrayal started when Twitter user ‏@KhmerDavita asked Murray if she should wear Gryffindor or Slytherin colors to the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo, at which Murray will be a celeb guest. When Murray replied, “It’s got to be slytherin,” J.K. Rowling swooped in and made her feelings on the subject matter known.

Apparently, Murray is more of a green kind of guy than a burgundy one. When asked if he’s ever sorted himself in Pottermore, Murray said he had and teased it wasn’t Gryffindor.

After seeing this go down, Pottermore hilariously tweeted, “We’re delighted to re-home you in Slytherin, Devon! We’ll make the transition as smooth as possible.”