New Song: MS MR, 'Fantasy'

MS MR's "Fantasy" more than lives up to its title.

Pop music has been on an insular, solipsistic streak these days, where personal drama is everything. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course -- we've all got our problems. But there's a reason why so many of us fall head over heels for the occasional act that goes for a broader, more panoramic vision, the one-eye-on-the-horizon big picture gaze of bands like Florence + the Machine, say, who breakout NYC duo MS MR most readily call to mind on their new track "Fantasy."

Listen to MS MR's "Fanatasy" after the jump.

Evoking otherworldly images with its spectral chants and warlike drums, "Fantasy" easily conjures a larger realm. It's a song that could totally soundtrack an epic Game of Thrones battle, albeit one intercut with moments of melodramatic romance in the royal boudoir, of course. And as if that wasn't already enough confusing imagery, "Fantasy" also features a diverting chanting passage that calls to mind a #dark alternate universe where '50s pop sounded a whole lot bleaker -- battle axes instead of ice cream sodas perhaps? (The title of MS MR's earlier single, "Dark Doo Wop," might hold the key to pretty approximate genre description.)

Big things are in line for MS MR's Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow, who will release their full-length debut, Second Hand Rapture, this spring. The album will include their breakout YouTube hit "Hurricane," which has received more than 1 million views since May.

+ Listen to MS MR's "Fantasy."

Photo credit: IAMSOUND/Chess Club

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