Diem Brown On Third Cancer Battle: Don't Count Me Out

The 'Challenge' star says she's determined to scale the mountain in front of her.

According to CNN, a substance called graphene is the strongest material on earth, but the source's experts have clearly never met Diem Brown.

The "Challenge" favorite, who collapsed and was hospitalized in August, has since been entrenched in a third battle with cancer -- over the past few months, she's has had multiple surgeries, been outfitted with a colostomy bag and endured excruciating pain in the area around her kidneys. Still, though her battle remains very much uphill, she's got no intention of putting down the dukes.

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"You can count me out all you want," she told People earlier this month. "But I'm not out. I'm fighting. I want to be here."

Brown, who's been unable to proceed with chemotherapy as scheduled because of a drop in weight, explains that constant physical suffering has ushered her into the hospital once more. And though usual pills and potions haven't done much to ease her torment, a certain alternative remedy -- medical marijuana -- has been unexpectedly helpful.

"I asked my doctor about it, and I'll be totally honest -- I had never smoked before in my life," she admitted. "I did the vaporizer and it took away the pain, and I finally felt like I was able to eat."

Brown added she's since occasionally been able to nibble on pizza and Cheetos, or, when she's able, drink her favorite shake from Barry's Bootcamp. If this is the diet that helps you push through, we say go for the extra cheese, D!

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Now Brown, who credits her social media followers' messages with helping her stay strong, is ready to push through to the next stage of her life.

"I believe in power and positive thinking. I can see myself with a family, I can see myself getting married, I see all of these things," she said. "I've had one or two brief moments where I felt like my body was shutting down no matter what my mind was thinking, and I'm like, 'What the hell? Shut up!' You legit have to start fighting with yourself. You can't let your mind go there, ever."

Send Diem every last good vibe you've got, and be sure to visit her MedGift page for more information on her battle and ways you can offer support.

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