Ellie Goulding's Nike Campaign Will Make You Want To Go On A Run Immediately

Goodness gracious, I can't seem to stop...staring at these pics.

Just in time to keep you from ditching your New Year's resolutions, platinum pop star and fitness fiend Ellie Goulding has teamed up with Nike to show you the transformative ways of colorful activewear. (OK, also exercise.) The collab, which Nike has aptly given the tagline "A Melody Of Movement," is all about empowering women while also drowning the blah winter weather with bright prints and graphics. HALLELUJAH, amirite?!



When she's not too busy hangin' with Taylor Swift or ballroom dancing in an ode to Fifty Shades Of Grey, Ellie is all about werking on her fitness. She's completed five half marathons since she started running at the age of 18 (#bow), and was way psyched to team up with Nike, telling them, "I feel quite proud to be an ambassador for women who realize being fit is better than being skinny."

Amen, Ellie.



She also assembled a collection of some of her favorite looks, full of brightly patterned leggings and cool tanks. It's pretty much the perfect motivator for pausing your Gilmore Girls marathon for an Ellie-worthy workout. I mean, who doesn't want to go for a run decked out in neon tie-dye? NO ONE, that's who.



This isn't the first time Ellie has worked with Nike, either. Back in 2013, she took it upon herself to inspire and motivate female runners all over the world (as you do) by participating in the Nike Women Half Marathon in Washington, D.C., and designing an exclusive Nike FlyKnit sneaker that "combined her love of running with her life as a recording artist."



Want to go behind the scenes of her gorgeous Nike shoot? Check out the vid below (where you can even spot some goofy dance moves courtesy of Ellie), and get psyched up for your next workout.

You can head over to Nike's website for more campaign images and shoppin'.

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