Demi Lovato Can Sing Kelly Clarkson And Lil Wayne Songs Like It’s NBD

Is Demi becoming the new queen of covers?

Over the weekend, Demi Lovato hit us with one of the most jaw-dropping Adele covers we've ever heard, taking on new single "Hello" at Seattle's KISS FM Fall Ball. And on Monday, Demi's following up that powerhouse take with a handful more, popping by Capital FM for a memorable round of "Instaoake."

The game is simple: The host choose three songs at random, and Demi has to sing them karaoke-style with basically no notice. But since it's Demi, she don't need no notice, starting off with James Blunt's 2005 soft-rock staple "You're Beautiful" then blazing into Kelly Clarkson's "Because Of You" and effectively bringing the house (aka the studio) down.

"I love her," Demi says before tackling Clarkson's hit. Kelly is herself an undisputed Queen of Covers, as we've pointed out before, so maybe there's a bit of torch-passing here? Maybe Demi, riding high and eternally Confident since her album release in October, is usurping the throne?

The evidence is piling up, and Demi's last Instaoke tune may have sealed the deal -- and it didn't even matter that it was a Lil Wayne song, gracefully sliding her way through "How To Love."

We're just waiting to see what other outstanding covers Demi will rock this week.


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