That 'Force Awakens' Stormtrooper Who Calls Finn 'Traitor' Is The Best Character

He spins us right round.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is full of amazing characters, including ones we've grown up with and loved for decades and ones that we're only just starting to get to know. But there's one incredible force of nature who's recently begun to take the Internet by storm -- and it's not Finn, or Poe, or Rey, or Han Solo, or even emo Kylo Ren.

It's this guy.


stormtrooper traitor

You remember this guy -- how could you forget him? When Finn is forced to fend off against his former comrades in arms while escaping the ruins of Maz Kanata's tavern, one stormtrooper gets his attention by loudly calling him a traitor (Okay, it's more like "TRAITOR!!!!"), and then it is on.

Not only does the guy throw way his shield and blaster like they are just as dead to him as Finn now is, but then he whips out the most nonsensical and aw-inspiring melee weapon ever conceived of in the history of the franchise. It SPINS.



And it's even resistance to lightsabers!



Unfortunately this amazing standout stormtrooper was too close to beating Finn in one-on-one combat, and so Han solo had to shoot him in the face. But since the movie hit theaters earlier this month -- and even before, since he'd appeared in a few of the TV spots and other advertisements -- he's become all anyone can talk about.

Like you, many fans demand to know -- what's this guy's deal? Did he know Finn? Did he personally feel betrayed by Finn leaving the First Order or was it simply a matter of principle? Are all stormtroopers trained to use that riot baton or is he just extra special? And most importantly, how can we make literally as many jokes as we can about him?

Some are even saying he's a better breakout character than Captain Phasma, which is perfectly ridiculous if you ask us (she's Gwendoline Christie and she's made of CHROME). But still, there's something to be said for how this guy rose to infamy so immediately.

Officially he's known as a Riot Control Stormtrooper, but the Internet has deemed fit to give him a new name based on his single word of dialogue: T8-TR.

And obviously, all of us are obsessed with his spin. Just watch it. So haunting.

If you, too, are a fan of TR-8R, then you're in luck! It's almost as if Lucasfilm and all of its toy licensors realized how much people would love this nameless, faceless riot controller, because there's already a bunch of merch of him, including an action figure, a Pop! Vinyl, a LEGO minifig, and even a Sideshow collectible Hot Toy.

Hot Toys


Many fans are even clamoring to see more of the guy, which is a bit weird considering that he's very likely dead. But you never know; long before memes were even a thing, "Lord Of The Rings" fans lost their minds over a minor non-speaking elf in "The Fellowship Of The Ring" (coincidentally played by Brett of McKenzie "Flight Of The Conchords"), and then he became so popular that director Peter Jackson brought him back several times in "LOTR" and in "The Hobbit." He's even a playable character in the LEGO game.

So don't be afraid to loudly proclaim your love for this single stormtrooper to the world, because it might just save his life! -- Or, at the very least, inspire a prequel comic. And clearly he loves you right back, or he wouldn't be so freakin' awesome in the first place.