'Divergent': Get To Know Your Factions With Our Handy Infographic

We counted how many time every 'Divergent' faction is name-checked, so you don't have to.

"Divergent" opens in theaters today, and with it a bevy of questions. Like, "What is a divergent?" and "What are factions?" and "What are all these kids doing in my movie theater? Get off my lawn?"

While we can't answer the last one properly, we can help you out with the whole "factions" thing with our handy "Divergent: Get To Know Your Factions" infographic. Not only does it helpfully break down what each of the factions in the world of "Divergent" is all about, it relates them to another series you might be more familiar with: "Harry Potter."

Additionally, so you know just which one to study the hardest we counted the amount of times each faction is name-checked in the movie just for you. Not that guy sitting next to you, or those kids on your lawn: you.

"Divergent" is in theaters everywhere now. Graphic by Christina Buquid.

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