Katy Perry's Halloween Costume Was A Literal Mic Drop

We are not worthy.

Katy Perry's dress-up game has always been beyond -- thanks in part to the fact that her everyday wear is usually pretty elaborate and full of whimsical hair color changes, so her bar is already set so high -- and this year was no exception to her ownage of the costume-cladding holiday that is Halloween.

For 2015's installment, Katy whipped out the ultimate mic drop. As in, she dressed as an actual mic drop and then posted a video of herself falling for added dramatic effect.

Behold the vid in all its punny glory.

Even the musical accompaniment is perfect.

And here we thought her flaming hot Cheeto get-up circa 2014 was the ultimate. Little did we know she'd come up with this pop culture STATEMENT ensemble.

Well done, Katy. You've outdone yourself, which is your biggest competition at this point TBH.