Liam Hemsworth Interested In Playing Peeta In 'Hunger Games'

'I read the script. It's a really, really cool story,' actor tells MTV News at Sundance.

Not since the adaptations of the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" sagas has there been as much buzz surrounding the casting of a beloved book headed for the big screen as there is right now for "The Hunger Games."

While most of the talk has been around who will play the story's heroine, Katniss (Hailee Steinfeld,

href="">Chloe Moretz and

href="">Elle Fanning are just a few of the actresses rumored to be vying for the part), many fans are wondering who will be cast as Katniss' Hunger Games partner (and possible love interest) Peeta.

MTV News caught up with Liam Hemsworth at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday (January 22), and it turns out the actor hasn't just had his name thrown in the ring for consideration: He's already read the script.

"I read the script," said the 21-year-old star, who was in Park City to go snowboarding with his older brother, actor Chris Hemsworth. "It's a really, really cool story."

The actor, known to many as [article id="1646531"]Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend[/article], expressed interest in the film, adding, "I love action ... gritty kinda stuff like that."

For fans worried that the

href="">PG-13 adaptation will tone down the action in the book, Hemsworth said, "It's super-dark. It's all young kids in these Hunger Games, which are crazy, insane things."

Hemsworth, who described the project as "definitely something different," says he could "possibly" see himself taking on the role of Peeta. While he hasn't yet met or auditioned for the film's director, Gary Ross, he told MTV, "I mean, it's pretty early right now. ... But, yeah, I'm sure I'll meet [him] on it soon."


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