'Game Of Thrones': We Found Gendry And He Looks, Uh, Different

Apparently, Gendry rowed so hard, he rolled to the '90s.

The last time we saw Gendry on "Game of Thrones," the bastard of Robert Baratheon was sailing away from Dragonstone after being set free by Davos. That was all the way back in season 3. So, where in seven hells is he?!

According to actor Joe Dempsie, poor Gendry is probably still rowing his little boat, no doubt acquiring the kinds of pectoral muscles needed to claim his rightful seat on the Iron Throne. As for Dempsie, the 28-year-old Brit has moved on from Westeros to other projects -- the most recent of which is Channel 4's "This Is England '90."

In the fourth and final spin-off series from Shane Meadows' 2006 film "This Is England," Dempsie returns as Higgy. The gritty British franchise has chronicled the lives of a group of working-class friends growing up in the U.K. in the '80s. Now, it's 1990 and this group of twentysomethings is saying goodbye to Thatcher and hello to rave culture.

Dean Rogers/Channel 4

This Is England '

Joe Dempsie as Higgy [left] and Perry Fitzpatrick as Flip [right].

Now that's an... interesting look. Bleached hair. Acid wash jeans to match the amount of acid you just dropped. A semi-creepy mustache. An amazing graphic t-shirt. Aviator sunnies. It must be the '90s!

Maybe Gendry rowed so hard he rowed into an alternate universe. One where he assumed the identity of a Lannister, started raving and never looked back. Arya, who?

Live your life, Gendry!

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