Nicki Minaj Has More 'Sons' Than An Episode Of 'Maury': We Counted Them All

Nicki's birthed more lyrical children than you can imagine.

On Nicki Minaj's third album The Pinkprint, the YMCMB rapper reveals that in seven years she hopes to be taking her daughter to pre-school ("All Things Go"), and makes it clear that absolutely no one is taking her spot until she starts raising some children ("Win Again"), but the reality is that she already has an army of kids. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Over the course of three albums, plus her mixtapes and many features, Nicki has given birth several times, inherited a few stepsons, and even become an Octomom on one track. None of these kids will end up in her will, but we just wanted to give them some acknowledgement.

Take a look at Nicki's many children below.

"Did it on ‘Em"

“All these bitches is my sons and I’ma go get some bibs for ‘em/ A couple formulas, little pretty lids on ‘em.”

Kid count = 1

"Want Some More"

“You my son, but I’m not showing yet/Wrist icy, but it ain’t snowing yet.”

Kid count = 2

"Stupid H--"

“These h--s so musty h--s is so crusty/ These bitches is my sons and I don't want custody.”

Kid count = 3

"Mercy (Freestyle)" with Lil Wayne

Kid count = 4

"The Boys" (feat. Cassie)

"She my son yeah, but I ain't raise her/Goose me, hater! I get that loose leaf paper."

Kid count = 5

"Did it on ‘Em"

“She ain't a Nicki fan then the bitch def dumb/ You ain't my son you my muthaf--kin step-son."

Kid count = 6

"I Endorse These Strippers"

“You my son, son, prodigal and you adopted/ Not even biological."

Kid count = 7

"I’m Legit"

“H--s is my sons/Birth control, I’m on the pill."

Kid count = 8

"Give It All To Me" (with Movado)

“I’m like, 'Who’s up?' Girl is used up/ All these bitches is my sons, I tied my tubes up."

Kid count = 9

"HOV Lane"

“All these bitches is my sons, Ima get em’ a nanny.”

Kid count = 10

"Hands Up" (with Lil Wayne)

“So f--k a funny style fraud, tryna act hard/ Uhn, you my son, no daddy you a bastard.”

Kid count = 11

"The Boys"

“Girls is my sons, carried them for eight months, and yes you’re premature/Young Money to the core."

Kid count = 12


“Got real sons, I need a real sitter/When I leave n---as, they get real bitter.”

Kid count = 13

"Yasss Bish" (with Soulja Boy)

Kid count = 14

"Did it on ‘Em"

“All these bitches is my sons and I ain’t talking ‘bout Phoenix.”

Kid count = 15

"Yasss Bish" (with Soulja Boy)

"Look up to Jada, I love her and Will/ Bitches my sons, but they not in my will."

Kid count = 16

"I Endorse These Strippers"

"These h--s my sons, I’m Papa, though/I feed them bitches with papa dough."

Kid count = 17

"Born Stunna (Remix)”

“Oh you mad h--? You ain’t headline/You my son bitch and it’s bedtime.”

Kid count = 18

"I’m Out (with Ciara)"

“I send them on an errand then I son them like my children/ You couldn’t get a fan if it was hanging from the ceiling.”

Kid count = 19

"Danny Glover (Remix)"

“To raise a child, it might take a village, but I would know cause these bitches my sons/ Yes they was, and they still is.”

Kid count = 20


"And I know they say they shine, I ain’t seen ‘em shine once/ All these rappers is my sons, and I’m always nine months.”

Kid count = 21

"Four Door Aventador"

“And you my son, I don’t know, it’s just the parent in me/ I am the best, I am the queen, it’s so apparent in me.”

Kid count = 22

"I’m Legit"

“Those n----s don’t step on my damn Zanottis/All these bitches my sons, but who’s the daddy?”

Kid count = 23


“Everybody get quiet when I’m starting the show/ Man, I’m birthing these artists and I’m starting to show.”

Kid count = 24

"Boss Ass Bitch (Remix)"

“Use rubber with ‘em, I don’t never raw these n---s/ More money them ‘em, I’m a son all these n---s.”

Kid count = 25

“No Flex Zone”

“Listen up h--, this is my territory/ You are my son, like an episode of Maury.”

Kid count = 26

“Flawless (remix)”

“Mayday, mayday earth to bitches/ Slap these h--s on they ass, like we birthin’ bitches.”

Kid count = 27

“No Flex Zone”

“Bitches is my sons and they causin’ contractions/ Ain’t pushing out, I’ma get 'em to the clinic.”

Kid count = 28

"Born Stunna (Remix)"

“Out in Tokyo they calling me Nicki-san/Everywhere you go, they calling you Nicki’s son.”

Kid count = 29

"Your Love"

“And I think I love him, I love him just like I raised him/ When he call me mama, I call him baby.”

Kid count = 30


“Worried ‘bout if my butt’s fake, worry ‘bout ya’ll n----s, us straight/These girls are my sons, Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Kid count = 38 (30 + 8).

Nicki Minaj's total kid count: 38

Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments below.

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