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Shar Jackson Congratulates Britney And Kevin, Says 'I'm Not Bitter'

'If you read anything negative that I'd supposedly said, it's probably not true,' Federline's ex says.

It was the kind of news that sets tongues wagging, and sure enough -- when Britney Spears and Kevin Federline announced earlier this month that they are expecting their first child, fans, foes and onlookers all over the world had plenty to say.

However, one voice was conspicuously absent from the din: Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline's ex and the mother of his two children. While Jackson has never been one to keep mum about all things Federline, she held her tongue about Britney and Kevin's news (see [article id="1500021"]"It's Official: Britney's Pregnant"[/article]). At least, until now.

Jackson spoke exclusively with MTV News, and seemed in good spirits as she wished the couple well and tried to put her past comments about them in perspective. "If you read anything negative that I'd supposedly said, it's probably not true," she said. "That's not how I live my life, because I'm a very positive person. I believe that God makes everything happen for a reason, the way it's supposed to happen. I'm cool with that, so I don't have any bad feelings. I'm not bitter. I'm not any of that stuff."

Jackson went on to say "congratulations" to the couple, and said that she and Federline are fine with their split. "We're cool -- he's a cool guy, I'm a cool girl. We're cool," she said.

Jackson and Federline were never married, but the couple had two children together; they parted ways last year when Jackson was pregnant with their second child. There were conflicting reports, however, about that split -- and whether they had broken up before Spears entered the picture. "He cheated, he lied, he left," Jackson clarified. "There you go, in that order: Cheated, lied, left. And that's it.

"It's cool, though," she added. "Everything happens for a reason. Obviously God didn't think that's who should be in my life at this particular moment, and that's all right. I don't quite understand God's logic in that, but I ain't gonna interfere with none of that."

Jackson, best known for her role on "Moesha" before her falling-out with Federline generated headlines, said she's moving ahead with her professional life as well (see [article id="1494947"]"Kevin Federline's Ex Shar Jackson Looking To Follow In Britney's Footsteps"[/article]). She's wrapping up work on her debut album, is working on a reality show pilot for ABC, and is launching a cosmetics line called Relation Lips, with the first item being a lip gloss called He Cheated.

Jackson had more to say about her relationship with Britney, Kevin, and her motherly advice for Spears -- and we'll have much more from that interview throughout the week on MTV News.

See Shar speak for herself in the news area of Overdrive, MTV's new broadband channel.

[This story was originally published at 12:40 p.m. ET on 04.25.2005]