Mac Miller Ups The Ante In His Ongoing Donald Trump Feud

'You racist son of a bitch,' he says to the presidential hopeful

Mac Miller and Donald Trump have had a hostile relationship over the last five years, and the tension culminated on Wednesday night's episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore in the form of en epic rant from Mac at Trump's expense.

A few highlights: He called him a "racist son of a bitch"; a "psychopathic power hungry delusional waste of skin and bones"; and stated, plainly, "I hate you."

Larry Wilmore and Larry Fisherman is a tandem I can get used to.

For a quick refresher on how we got here (aside from the fact that Mac is merely responding to the hate that Trump has been spewing), let's go back.

Their interactions started off cordial enough, in 2011, thanks to rapper's breakout, platinum-selling single, "Donald Trump." Trump, in turn, was pleased with the publicity: "I'm very proud of that," he said, when the song's video hit 20 million views on YouTube, in a clip where he also called Mac "the new Eminem."

Things took a turn, though, and Trump eventually wanted money for his non-role in the track's success.

Malcolm wasn't having it.

"The thing that bothers me the most is that he always says things like, '75 million views on the song "Donald Trump," Mac Miller you're welcome,'" he told Complex in January 2013. "I could have said, 'Take over the world when I'm on my Bill Gates shit.' It doesn't [matter]. That shit just pisses me off."

Looks like he's even more pissed now.

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