Scott Weiland To Enter Rehab Immediately, By Order Of Judge

Singer will enter rehabilitation facility on Thursday as of 7:30 p.m. local time.

After determining that his arrest for a DUI earlier this week violated his probation, on Thursday a Pasadena judge ordered Scott Weiland to undergo detox immediately.

The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman/ Velvet Revolver singer wasn't slated for another progress report for his felony charges of possession of heroin and cocaine (from a May arrest in Burbank, California) until January (see [article id="1472222"]"Weiland Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges, Offers To Go To Rehab"[/article]).In fact, he'd had a status hearing just last week, on October 20, when a judge congratulated him for staying clean but reminded him that his freedom could be revoked should he not test clean at his next checkup.

The progress report was moved up following Weiland's arrest Monday in Hollywood for driving under the influence of drugs (see [article id="1480040"]"Scott Weiland Involved In Car Crash; Arrested For DUI"[/article]), and he was ordered to appear in Pasadena Superior Court on Thursday (October 30) for a hearing on a possible revocation or change in his drug-diversion program.

This time, however, Weiland has been ordered to report to Grandview in Pasadena for a six month residential program, according to a court clerk. Starting at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Weiland will be housed at a facility far less plush than most celeb-inhabited rehab clinics such as Promises in Malibu or Las Encinas in Pasadena. Once the initial detox is completed -- a process that is estimated to take between seven and 10 days -- Weiland will enter lock-down for six months, according to the district attorney's office.

Weiland's treatment will start at 5 a.m. each day and will include group therapy as well as chores, according to the drug treatment center. Weiland, like any other patient, will also receive one-on-one counseling sessions at least once a week, with more available at his request. For his first 30 days at the center -- called "phase one" -- the singer will not be able to receive calls or visitors.

However, over objections from prosecutors, Weiland will be allowed to leave the facility during "phase one" for a supervised four-hour block over a 10-day stretch between November 7 to November 17 to finish recording his vocals for the Velvet Revolver album, due next year. He is to be accompanied by a private security guard for those sessions and he will not be allowed to drive. Vocal tracking on the record, as of earlier this week, was "going well" with six songs completed, according to a post on engineer Douglas Grean's Web site on Monday.

The deputy district attorney objected to allowing Weiland to take four hours a day during the ten-day period to record, calling that move during the crucial first 30 days of recovery "self-defeating."

Weiland's Velvet Revolver bandmate Slash defended the singer after the latest charges, calling in to his fan site,, to "correct the record." According to a note posted this week on the site, he said to "Tell everyone that Scott did have the accident and did attempt to leave, but he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. What he was doing out and about so early is anyone's guess ... maybe heading to the studio? Maybe picking up his birthday cake."

Weiland is due back in court for a probation status report on January 9. His arraignment on the DUI charge is November 17.