Mike Myers is Michael Myers in 'Halloween'

Trick or treat, baby, yeah!

We have to admit, we're a little surprised that no one (to our knowledge) has done this before. Still, better late than never — let 2012 be known as the year we finally got the Mike Myers/Michael Myers "Halloween" mashup.

Thanks to the tricksters at Screen Junkies, we now have a series of scenes from the many (oh so many) "Halloween" movies remixed with Mike Myers' many (oh so many) one-liners. Seeing Michael Myers make short work of Busta Rhymes (in "Halloween Resurrection," in case you've forgotten) whilst Mike Myers wisecracks from behind the mask (so to speak, anyway) is a big treat, but having the heartfelt moment between Michael and Laurie in "Halloween H20" set to Fat Bastard dialogue is the equivalent of getting a full-size Snickers bar at every house.

Watch — and enjoy — the hilarious and somewhat NSFW carnage below.