Justin Bieber Wanted In Argentina For Alleged Assault

Bieber could face up to six years in prison if convicted on a two-year old assault charge.

An arrest warrant was issued for Justin Bieber by an Argentinian judge on Wednesday in connection with an alleged 2013 assault. According to the Associated Press, Judge Alberto Julio Baños ordered the "immediate detention" of the singer and two of his bodyguards in connection with their alleged failure to respond to a summons tied to the 2013 case.

Bieber was accused of sending bodyguards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smalls to attack a photographer, Diego Pesoa, outside a Buenos Aires nightclub. The incident took place during a problem-plagued South American tour that found JB leaving the stage during a show due to illness, claims of illegal graffiti tagging and a bizarre incident in which a Brazilian model posted a picture of the singer sleeping in in his hotel room.

According to the AP, Bieber -- who is in the midst of a career reset that includes a recent Comedy Central Roast -- never returned to Argentina to respond to questions about the alleged attack, in which he could face anywhere from one month to six years in prison if convicted on a charge of causing bodily harm. It was not clear on Friday if the warrant extended beyond Argentina.

But Pesoa's lawyer reportedly suggested to Argentinian station Telefe Noticias that the warrant could force Bieber to return to the country. "Now we just need to wait for the police to find him and bring him [to Argentina]," attorney Matias Morla said. "For us, this is a triumph against all those who said this case was a bluff and that we didn't have anything."

According to a translation of the Noticias report, Bieber's camp was notified in November that he had 60 days to make an appearance in an Argentinian court or face extradition in the case.

A spokesperson for Bieber could not be reached for comment at press time.

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