Matt Damon Gets His Ass To Mars In The New Trailer For 'The Martian'

Damon is going to 'science the sh--' out of this movie.

When last we saw Matt Damon in space, he was a jerk-face who pulled a complete Benedict Arnold on Matthew McConaughey and almost jeopardized the future of mankind. Here's hoping he's not nearly as much of a jerk-face in "The Martian," the new sci-fi movie from Ridley Scott, based on Andy Weir's 2012 novel.

The first trailer for the Damon-starring, Scott-directed film is here, and it sure looks like the Oscar-winning actor is a nicer astronaut than he was in "Interstellar." But that doesn't mean he isn't without some edge. In the movie, Damon plays Mark Watney, an astronaut abandoned on Mars when his team is forced to evacuate in the face of a huge disaster. He survives improbable odds and is forced to keep surviving until help comes — if help is even coming at all. His plan to survive? "Science the sh--" out of everything in sight. Not a bad strategy.

Damon's far from the only familiar face here in "The Martian," what with an all-star cast including Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor and more. There are even some funny faces in the mix, like Kristen Wiig and Donald Glover — people you wouldn't normally expect to see in this kind of movie, but welcome additions all the same. There is currently no word on whether or not McConaughey will show up to deliver some "Coop" Cooper comeuppance, but one can dream.

"The Martian" lands on November 25.

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