6 Things We Learned From Matt Damon's 'The Martian' Q&A

We have liftoff on some new Damon deets.

Even on other planets, Matt Damon is still the coolest guy in the world.

At least, that's the message we're picking up from everything we've seen so far of "The Martian," which stars Damon as an astronaut who gets ditched by his mission teammates in order to save their own Earthly hides.

But Damon's Mark Whatney is a determined sonuva and decides to figure out how to survive on the naturally uninhabitable planet on his own. Will he make it? We'll have to wait and find out 'til the film hits theaters on Oct. 2 (also an option: reading the Andy Weir book upon which it's based).

In the meantime, Matt Damon has opened the window to his soul -- OK, more like whatever room he had a camera and computer set up in on Wednesday (Aug. 26) -- by way of an Instagram Q&A session (for People Magazine) in which he spilled a few new tidbits about himself, as follows:

The Damon is not a fan of disco.

The only question is: why does this surprise us so much?

He is, however, a very practical "What Three Things Would You Bring" player.

Family, food and water? A reasonable (read: YAWN) list by anyone's standards.

Thanks to "The Martian," Matt Damon is now fully set to open up his own functional family potato farm.

So, you know, he's got the whole back-up career thing firmed up now. Phew!

Oh, and kids, Matt really wants you to "science the sh-t" out of your life too.

According to him, screenwriter Drew Goddard called his movie "a love letter to science" in the hopes that you'll all become extra studious and interested in your bio-chem class for more than just a cute lab partner.

Speaking of which, his favorite quote is totally the same one you liked from the trailer. (You know the one.)

YES. It really is an instant classic.

Also, if you want to actually survive on Mars, you better be one crafty MOFO.

Matty D credits his character's "ingenuity" with giving him a fighting chance on the Red Planet in "The Martian," so you better make sure you're a real thinker type before you go enlist in NASA -- or however that works.