M.I.A.'s Unauthorized Beyonce Remix Is, Um, Flawless

Listen to the 'Diva'-sampling female-empowerment track.

Tuesday night, M.I.A. dropped a track called "Baddygirl 2 -- MIA PARTYSQUAD BEYONCE FLAWLESS REMIX" on Twitter, tweeting: "Beyonce camp has not replied for months > SO HERE >." It looks like the "Double Bubble Trouble" rapper had been trying to collaborate with Beyoncé for a while, and we all know how much M.I.A. loves playing the waiting game.

Despite the inclusion of the word "FLAWLESS" in the song's full title, "Baddygirl 2" doesn't appear to feature any easily recognizable bits of the BEYONCÉ track -- well, except for a verse that kicks off with "I woke up like this/ I went to bed like this/ We do everything just like this." Don't worry, though, because from the insane, frenetic production to the "Diva" sample at the end, there's plenty to #BowDown to.

As we've seen before, M.I.A. isn't one to sit idly by while bureacracy slows her roll. Remember that time when she threatened to leak Matangi unless her label, Interscope, gave the album a release date? I mean, it totally worked, though...

In any case, M.I.A. really couldn't have picked a better time to do something controversial and Beyoncé-related. Someone knows her SEO!

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