12 Honest-To-A-Fault Perks Of Living With Friends

<i>Besides</i> the cheaper rent.

People tell you when you're in college or your mid-twenties to never live with friends because it'll just ruin your friendship. In some ways, this can be true, but most friends are able to make being roommates work out. Besides, there are sooooo many more things you can get away with when you're living with friends, rather than living with an acquaintance or an all-out stranger.

We rounded up some of the best tweets from the trending hashtag #PerksOfLivingWithFriends, because, let's face it, friends just get you.

When you find a way to cheat the system.

When you want to dress as stylishly as humanly possible.

When you want to take your love of "CSI" to the next level.

When you know you need to step up your selfie game, but need an extra pair of hands on deck.

When you realize being sick does have some advantages.

When you're in a life-or-death situation, you can always depend on your friends.

When you just need someone to tell it to you straight.

When you realize buying pizza will now be cheaper because you can split the cost. 🍕 🍕 🍕

When you have ZERO idea if your crush is playing hard to get or not and need some assistance.

When you just want to let the girls fly free.

When you realize your kidneys are safe because your friends are trustworthy.

And finally, when you can sleep peacefully, knowing your friends won't let your cat eat you. #bless

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