Watch Night Beds' Heartbreaking "Ramona" Video

Earlier this year, we gushed a bit over Night Beds' debut album Country Sleep, an upbeat, yet kinda depressing album about a guy who's trying to figure a bunch of shit out. During our phone call with Night Beds' principle Winston Yellen, he mentioned that he was in the process of shooting a video for the uber-catchy single "Ramona," which involved a storyline about a transgender son. But he never mentioned that it was going to be utterly heartbreaking!

Such is the visual that Night Beds released today, a cinematic story that finds and older guy who looks like Tom Waits reconciling with the gender-transformation of his child. There's some crying and yelling, but in the end, our antihero sails off into the sunset, a changed man. Or so it seems.

Night Beds are currently on tour in the United States and Europe.

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