Taylor Swift Has Been Sending Fans Early Christmas Presents

Taylor's got me second guessin' like, OMG, who is she? Mrs. Claus?

What are you doing?

Me? Oh, I'm just over here LOSING MY CHILL over Christmas presents Taylor Swift has been sending her fans like the freaking sweetheart angel princess that she is.

It's not that surprising that she would wrap up gifts for Christmas, since she is, in fact, the Queen of Christmas (let the fact that she grew up on a Christmas tree farm sink in). But this is unreal. In a desperate attempt to become a more dedicated Swiftie during the 1989 Secret Sessions, I followed every Secret Sessions attendee I could find on Twitter, and when I saw these cherubs show up on my timeline with tears streaming down their faces, I felt 1) disbelief, 2) joy, 3) drunk (on jealousy), and 4) appreciation. Which other pop star would ever do this? No one. That's why Taylor's the best.

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It wasn't just one gift either.

She sends them in little bunches.

And they come with handwritten notes too.

Karlie Kloss helped out.

She got the gifts from all around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 6.13.33 AM

Including kimonos and a bunch of makeup.

"I thought of you when I saw this in Japan..." WHAT

"Let's see each other soon OK?" Ummm OK!

"You look beautiful without makeup, but just in case you wanted some."

Naturally, the fans' reactions were priceless.




Here's what the non-chosen ones are saying:

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