Andrew W.K., Slayer, Ramones On 'Jackass' Soundtrack

Disc also features Sir Mix-A-Lot, Misfits, Detroit Cobras and, of course, Minutemen.

Andrew W.K. is making a jackass of himself.

The hair-metal revivalist contributed the first single to the "Jackass: The Movie" soundtrack and filmed a video for the song with the regulars from the infamous TV show, according to a source working on the project.

Produced by Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers), "We Want Fun" is a party anthem, not surprising considering W.K.'s repertoire, which includes ditties like "Party Hard" and "Party 'Til You Puke."

The "Jackass" cast, who do a lot of things 'til they puke, will pull off stunts in their first movie to the sounds of previously released tracks from the Ramones, the Misfits, the Smut Peddlers and more.

The soundtrack -- which, it should be noted, includes Slayer's "Angel of Death" and Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" back to back -- is due October 15. The movie opens October 25.

"Jackass: The Movie" director Jeff Tremaine filmed the Andrew W.K. clip, with additional camera work by Spike Jonze (Weezer's "Buddy Holly," "Being John Malkovich"), a producer of the film. Tremaine, Jonze and Johnny Knoxville executive produced the soundtrack, which is being released on Rubin's American Recordings.

The "Jackass" crew filmed a "Making the Video"-type special about the W.K. video that'll air Sunday night on MTV, followed by the premiere of the clip.

Aside from W.K.'s "We Want Fun," the soundtrack also features a new track by CKY, whose drummer, Jess Margera, is the brother of "Jackass"'s Bam Margera. CKY have also appeared in episodes of the show (see [article id="1457390"]" 'Jackass' Band CKY Hang Guitarist, Denounce Hives, Strokes"[/article]).

The soundtrack will be packaged with a limited-edition DVD featuring movie previews and an exclusive Party Boy music video.

"Jackass: The Movie" soundtrack track list, according to American:

  • Minutemen - "Corona"
  • Andrew W.K. - "We Want Fun"
  • CKY - "Flesh Into Gear"
  • Rezillos - "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight"
  • Ramones - "California Sun"
  • Sahara Hotnights - "Alright, Alright (Here's My Fist Where's the Fight?)"
  • Smut Peddlers - "Let's Get F***ed Up"
  • Misfits - "Hybrid Moments"
  • Detroit Cobras - "Cha Cha Twist"
  • Slayer - "Angel of Death"
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot - "Baby Got Back"
  • Roger Alan Wade - "If You're Gonna Be Dumb"