5 Fangirly Things Benedict Cumberbatch Said About Matt Damon

The Cumberbabes of the world may only have eyes for Benedict Cumberbatch, but it appears the "Fifth Estate" star's got a pretty major celebrity crush going on himself over Matt Damon.

Chatting with Vulture about his shiny new Emmy nom for his work in "Parade's End," Benny Boy — yes, he of hand-Harlem Shakery and uberbroody screen shower sessions — gushed on and on (and on some more) about just how dang delighted he is to share the same with the likes of the "Behind the Candelabra" star.

Let's break down the five most fangirly things Cumby had to say about his unexpected idol, shall we?

1. "What a screen presence. I saw 'Promised Land' ... and it was again, another superlative performance."

Making a respectful nod to the "talent" of your man-crush alongside a reference to one of his lesser known works? It's textbook ... but also often effective.

2. "You never hear a bad word said about him. Everybody loves him. And he just sounds like he's got his priorities right as a human being, and as an actor, he's phenomenal."

Okay, okay, so Cumberbatch has a resource many fellow fangirls just don't in pulling a little something from his own earned peer-based knowledge.

3. "Well, he's just so grounded. He's so intelligent. He makes these smart choices, as an actor, as a producer, as a writer. He's so composed."

Unashamed, uninhibited praise. He might as well go ahead and join the club already, yeesh! Just about the only thing he didn't mention is ...

4. "The minute Matt and Ben [Affleck] appeared on the scene with 'Good Will Hunting,' you knew it was a special moment. To see such young talent take the reins and create the means of work as well as star in it, and just do every one of their jobs at every level superlatively, it was very exciting."

Here's another classic superfan-tryin'-to-play-it-cool move: referencing the earliest works to show your brand of fandomonium is the real bleepin' deal. Well played, Ben.

5. "My biggest wish is to hang out with him! ... Do you have Matt's number? Can you pass along a message, and tell him that Benedict is a big fan and would like to hang?"

Annnnd here we have the ultimate fangirl moment — the one where you envision yourself casually knocking back a little drink-i-poo with your idol and chatting it up like old chums (all the while trying to pretend that you didn't spend six hours voodoo doll maiming his lady love that one especially hammered night). Difference is, it could — and probably will at the Emmys, in fact — actually happen for B.C. (some guys have all the luck).

To boot, he's already got the occasion planned out: "I can kind of quiz him. And then cut to a hot night where we're all getting drunk and dancing and having a good time!" Uh huh. Dare to dream.

So, to sum it up: Benedict Cumberbatch hearts Matt Damon. Who knew?

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