21 Times Rappers Took A Stand Against Ghostwriting In Hip-Hop

Should ghostwriting be allowed?

Drake and Meek Mill's feud has placed ghostwriting in the spotlight. Is it the worst thing in the world? Should it be allowed? Should it be outlawed from all MC circles? Well, this isn't the first time the topic's been brought up.

Traditionally, there has been a stigma behind having help with your verses. If someone else penned your lyrics, it wasn't something to be proud of. Instead, you got clowned. An anonymous ghostwriter recently spoke with MTV News about this matter.

"With rappers, you’re only coming to them because they can rap," the person said. "So if you’re not rapping, what are we doing, why am I here? And that’s the tug of war that the older fans understand from a different generation and the newer fans don’t get."

But rappers have been spitting about this for years. Here are some MCs who have delivered some of the harshest bars about this once taboo subject:

Kendrick Lamar

"I can dig rappin'/ But a rapper with a ghostwriter? What the f--k happened? Oh no! I swore I wouldn't tell/ But most of y'all sharing bars like you got the bottom bunk in a two-man cell." Kendrick Lamar on "King Kunta"

Big K.R.I.T.

"That pot to piss in turned into a house on hill/ I'm talkin' two stories no fabrication, that's a true story for real/ And ain't no ghostwriter, my flow tighter than gorilla fists/ Keep it poppin' like hot grease, fried up with your catfish." - Big K.R.I.T. on "King Without A Crown."

Remy Ma

"It's not the same/ Sh-t's gon' change quickly/ Blame your ghostwriter, 'cause he can't f--k wit' me."- Remy Ma on "Tight."


"Fake ass ghostwriter/ Get your little flow tighter/ 'Fore I put you in the trunk of this f--kin' low-rider." - Game on "100 Bars (The Funeral)."

Ice Cube

"Pull up, jump out the lowrider/ A real lyricist n---a, f--k a ghostwriter." - Ice Cube on "Steal the Show."


"Production time, I heard you're makin beats/ But don't program the drums, don't program the keys/ Don't program the bass/ Producer? Liar/ Doin that sh-t's like hirin' a ghostwriter." - Evidence on "Search for Bobby Fischer."

Allen Iverson

"Remains are found when the best kept secret get heated/ You went platinum with a ghostwriter/ So in the game you won, you cheated." - Allen Iverson on "40 bars."

Remy Ma

"While fraud broads don't get no publishin' still be bitin'/ They kill me lyin', like they the ones doin' the scribin'/ When you can hear the ghostwriter, all up in they rhymin'." - Remy Ma on "Ms. Martin."

Lloyd Banks

"You don't even write your own sh-t/ You feeling hype, then go sit." - Lloyd Banks on "Show Time."

Ice Cube

"F--k a ghostwriter, sittin' in the back/ Of the studio tryin' to write a n---a rap/ It's the muppet show, most n---as need A&R/ To tell 'em how to f--k a ho/ Ice Cube, true emcee/ Write everything I say, even back in the day."

- Ice Cube on "Spittin' Pollaseeds."


"On Nas, word is bond, I leave the microphone torn/ False rappers, you need to write your own song." - Nas on "Nas Will Prevail."

Lil Rob

"Never had nobody writing my sh-t/ That's faking it, like lyin' and sh-t/ You didn't write it/ How could you claim somebody's buying your sh-t?" - Lil Rob on "Bluffin.'"

Your Old Droog

"Now every time you record, it falls flat/ Got dudes givin’ you words like Supernat." - Your Old Droog on "Word."


"You ain't a writer nor a fighter/ you're just a biter/ I think you need to save all that because in spite of/ the reputation that you think you have/ The crew already knows that you're really a crab." - Guru On Gang Starr's "Hardcore Composer."


"Some of these guys getting' all herked up/ From a ghost-written rhyme by a chump, word up." - Phonte on Little Brother's "So Fabulous."

KXNG Crooked

"You can't hit Crooked I/ You sound dope 'cause them n---as that wrote your sh-t... bit Crooked I." - KXNG Crooked on "Death Rizzow."


"We too legit/ Let me hear you rap something 'bout us/ I'ma break the hands of the man who wrote your sh-t." - Sheek on The Lox's "Bring It On."

Nicki Minaj

"I write, write, write my own sh-t/ I'm the one, like I'm the culprit." Nicki Minaj on "Wuchoo Know (Chin Checka)."


"I know you wish this rap was your reference track/ And next to that/ You' hype 'cause the spotlights on you/

That's quite normal/ When Words'll write for you." - Wordsworth on Punchline and Wordsworth's "War."


"Tell Hova don't pass the crown so soon/ Unless he got a crown for every writer in the room/ There's too many spirits on these ghostwritten tunes." - Pusha-T on Jeezy's "Illin'"


"So if the mic is your grind/ Then biting's a crime/ Especially if a ghostwriters writin' your rhymes."

And of course, we have to leave you with a bonus. Mad Skillz - who has written for several acts - once roasted many of the people he said he's penned lyrics for. The result was "Ghostwriter," a cut that was bleeped out to protect identities.

However, at one point, Skillz decided to name names. Here's a look at that.

What's your stance on ghostwriters? Let us know in the comments.

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