Miley Cyrus Says Elvis Was The Original Twerker

He wasn't nicknamed 'The Pelvis' for nothing, right?

Looking to blame Miley Cyrus for all that twerking in which the youth of the world is now partaking? Don't, because she wasn't the first. According to the singer, it was actually the original controversy magnet, Elvis Presley, that started the sensation that is again sweeping the nation.

"Elvis, he wasn't wearing the outfits I was wearing but he was coming out and he was doing like the OG twerking. Like, no one wants to admit that he was twerking, he was," NME reports that Cyrus said in an interview with Australia's "Sunday Night" TV show.

Okay, so maybe this one's a bit more philosophical than literal — we'll have to wait for the full interview with the show's host, Chris Bath, to really know. Still, Cyrus compared Elvis' sexually charged arrival on the scene in the 1950s to her twerking days of now.

"He was like sex," Miley said. "He was a symbol of sex but no one would have ever called Elvis a shit because he wasn't a girl. It's that double standard and I think I'm doing something for the double standard."

Amen to that! As for those who criticize her for sending a "bad message" to kids? Miley thinks all the concerned parents need to remember that everyone has the choice to live their life however it makes them happy, and she asserts that she is a symbol of freedom.

"The only thing I'm an example of is freedom, especially in this time where the energy of the world is shifting from male energy to female energy. I think a lot of that was started by these girls that get to watch my show and see young people just being themselves and representing freedom," she said.

As usual, she's just bein' Miley. Watch a clip from the interview below.

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