11 Musicians You Totally Forgot Were On 'Hannah Montana'

Miley Stewart sang with the best

Miley Cyrus wasn’t the only singer belting it out on Disney Channel’s hit Hannah Montana. Both the series and its 2009 movie snuck in cameos from today’s biggest celebrities, like besties Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Remember these characters and their real-life celeb counterparts?

Jesse McCartney as himself

Disney Channel


The “Beautiful Soul” heartthrob asked Hannah out on a date, but she couldn’t go because Miley had a science project due the next day. I guess having the “Best of Both Worlds” isn’t so great after all.

Selena Gomez as Mikayla Skeech

Disney Channel


Gomez lip-synched to “If Cupid Had a Heart” in Season 2. These competing pop stars were frenemies, plain and simple. Their rivalry was almost as dramatic as Regina George and Cady Heron’s in Mean Girls.

The Jonas Brothers as themselves

Disney Channel

Jo Bros

Miley got jealous when her dad spent all his time with the JoBros. But because all things Disney need to have a happy ending, everyone made up by singing “We Got the Party.”

Sterling Knight as Lucas

Disney Channel


Knight, who sang songs for Sonny with a Chance and the DCOM Starstruck, played Lilly Truscott’s cheating ex-boyfriend in Season 2. (What a jerk!) And yep, there’s Austin Butler from MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles.

Joey Fatone as Joey Vitolo

Disney Channel


Fatone appeared as Joey Vitolo, a famous baseball player turned restaurant owner in Season 2. Miley wanted him to sign Jackson’s baseball, so she agreed to perform “Life's What You Make It” with the NSYNC alum.

David Archuleta as himself

Disney Channel


This was yet another catchy Season 3 duet between Hannah and a real-life pop star: “I Wanna Know You.”

Corbin Bleu as Johnny Collins

Disney Channel


Throughout the series, High School Musical star Bleu was Miley Stewart’s classmate with a major crush on Hannah, not realizing Miley and Hannah were the same person. He ended up buying a $19,000 dinner date with Hannah during a charity auction and sang “If We Were a Movie” with her. Casual.

Sheryl Crow as herself

Disney Channel


For a holiday special in the final season, Hannah and Sheryl sang a duet of “Need a Little Love.”

Dolly Parton as Aunt Dolly

Disney Channel


Parton is Cyrus’s godmother in real life. On the show, Aunt Dolly gave Miley advice about her booming singing career.

Taylor Swift as herself



Tay sang “Crazier” in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Iyaz as himself

Disney Channel


Just try to get Hannah and Iyaz’s Season 4 collab, “Gonna Get This,” out of your head. I dare you.