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Ozzy, DMX, Crystal Method Meeting Up In "South Park"

Perhaps the only thing that could pull together metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne, hardcore rapper DMX, and big beat techno wizards the Crystal Method is the cultural force known as "South Park.

During an interview this week with our colleagues in the MTV Radio Network, the Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan discussed what has the makings of one of the oddest musical collaborations of recent memory.

We're going into the studio later today and hopefully he'll show up," Kirkland joked of DMX's involvement in the project. "DMX is supposed to come in and rap over top of 'Vapor Trail,' and then on Wednesday out there on the West Coast, Ozzy is supposed to come in and sing the choruses. [article id="1439916"]So it's Ozzy, DMX, the Crystal Method together again for the very first time." [500k QuickTime][/article]

While the animated residents of TV's "South Park" deserve some credit for making the unlikely summit happen, a good chunk of credit must

also go to producer and American Recordings head Rick Rubin.

Rick Rubin is behind this whole thing," Kirkland explained. "When he was first given the idea of DMX or Ice Cube or someone rapping over the top of 'Vapor Trail,' he was like, 'Yeah, how about we'll get Ozzy to come in and sing the choruses,' and we were like, 'Yeah, that makes complete sense right there.'" [600k QuickTime]

Apparently Rubin knew what we was talking about. Ozzy is scheduled to lay down his vocals for the track this week.