13 LGBT TV Characters Who Are Getting It Right

Fall in love with these characters immediately.

Yesterday, yet another study saying that things are not great for the portrayal and inclusion of LGBT characters on TV was released, to the shock of few. There's still a long way to go when it comes to equality on the small screen (and the big screen, and the world at large...), but that doesn't mean there's a total lack of awesome LGBT characters on TV.

Here are 13 LGBT characters we can't stop obsessing over.

Jamal, "Empire"


He's a black queer character who has a successful career, a good relationship with his family, ambition and an identity outside of being gay.

Sophia Burset, "Orange is the New Black"


She's a strong woman who's found her own place among the hierarchy of prisoners at Litchfield (and has fashioned awesome couture duct tape sandals to boot). Sophia isn't painted as a saint, nor is she meek.

Aaron, "The Walking Dead"


Aaron's a leader, a funny guy and genuinely nice dude who happens to be surviving the zombie apocalypse with his loving boyfriend by his side. More, please.

Cyrus, "Scandal"


It's fair to say that Cyrus has more going on in his life than his sexuality (rigging elections and shady statecraft take up a lot of mental space), though his relationships have landed him in hot water before. Not because they're with other men, though, just because he doesn't have great taste in partners.

Connor, "How To Get Away With Murder"


Connor is crafty and smart AF, and he totally knows it. He slept with Oliver to get ahead, but then grew some feelings. We're all in for this nuanced, clever character in a compelling mystery.

Luisa Alver, "Jane the Virgin"


Listen, Luisa has a lot going on, but her problems stem more from being an alcholoic and kind of a ditz than anything else. When we first met her, she was married, then spiraled and accidentally artificially inseminated Jane after she caught her wife cheating on her.

Shane, "Faking It"


Shane's witty, popular and outgoing, and totally comfortable in his own skin. (Too outgoing, some might say, given his habit of outing people.) We totally want to hang out with him, and we'll certainly keep watching him week to week.

Nyssa Al Ghul, "Arrow"


Being the daughter of a villain ain't easy, but it's fun to watch Nyssa subverting a stereotype as she avenges her dead lover.

Maura, "Transparent"


As if we could forget about Moppa, please. It's been fascinating to watch Maura come out to her family and make herself comfortable in her new public identity, making the world recognize the person she's been all along.

Garnet, "Steven Universe"


Cartoons are people too! Garnet is literally made of two adorable lesbians, Ruby and Sapphire, in a healthy relationship with each other, and we love it.

Nomi, "Sense8"


A "hacktivist" in San Francisco, Nomi took the pain and struggle of her past and turned it into fuel for her fight in the present day. If you haven't binged "Sense8" yet, what's stopping you?

Clarke, "The 100"


There's one word for Clarke: badass. She hasn't said openly "I'm bi," but she hasn't had time; she's been busy fighting too many life-or-death battles. Get it, girl.

Jude, "The Fosters"


Jude is breaking TV records as being one half of the youngest gay kiss ever shown on broadcast TV, and his character is compelling as anything. It's fascinating to watch him grow into who he'll be.