Ke$ha Dishes On Her 'Bizarre' Collaboration With Diddy For 'Tik Tok'

'We all were hanging out and I was so intimidated ... but he was the nicest guy,' she tells MTV News.

Ke$ha is having a moment. She just got [article id="1628026"]booked on the Lilith Fair[/article], and her single "Tik Tok" is burning up the charts. She has already collaborated with Flo Rida and Miley Cyrus and sang background for Britney Spears, so it's no wonder she ended up teaming with Diddy in the studio.

"Diddy ended up on 'Tik Tok' because one morning, I woke up surrounded by a bunch of hot babes, and I was like, 'I'm like Diddy, man,' " she told MTV News. "Then I wrote the first line of 'Tik Tok,' which is 'Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.' "

Ke$ha then made the next logical step and took it to her producer, Dr. Luke, who also worked with her and Flo Rida on the hit "Right Round," and the rest is pop-music history. "As fate would have it, I swear to you, about four hours later, Diddy called Luke for the first time ever saying we should do a song together some time," she explained.

Diddy surprisingly also had a little bit of time in his very busy schedule to drop by the studio almost immediately to contribute his lines to "Tik Tok." In the song, he raps, "Hey, what up girl?" and "Let's Go."

"He agreed to come in that day. It was so bizarre, but as fate would have it, happened in the course of hours," he said. "We all were hanging out and I was so intimidated ... but he was the nicest guy."

Ke$ha's debut album, Animal, is due January 5.

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