Are You A Bucky Barnes Or A Winter Soldier? Take Our Quiz

Yes they're the same person, but WOW are their lives different.

In all the Marvel movies, no one character has changed as much and as radically as poor Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier. Even when Steve Rogers became the super-powered Captain America and got stranded in time for 70 years, he still carried on his trademark sense of duty and optimism. With Bucky it was all brainwashing and killing, all the time, and that sure can wear on a guy.

Despite his new and probably extremely painful outlook on life, the Winter Soldier still remains a remarkably relatable character -- though in a much different way than he was way back in "The First Avenger." But which version do YOU relate to? The pragmatic buddy or the tragic super assassin?

In honor of actor Sebastian Stan's birthday today (August 13), we're going to help you figure that out. Note, we are not responsible for any therapy bills you may incur on the off-chance that you can't deal with all of your Bucky feels. We've got enough on our plate trying to get our own together in time for "Civil War." SOB.

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