Bach Skids to a Halt

April 28 [10:00 EST] -- It appears that Sebastian Bach is out of Skid Row.

Phil Varone, who plays in Prunella Scales with Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan confirmed in a chat hosted by Metal Edge magazine on Saturday that the Skid Row members were rehearsing in New Jersey with another singer, described only as "a local guy.

Varone, formerly the drummer for Saigon Kicks, told the room that he thought the band would still be called Skid Row. However, another source said that they are still deciding between two singers and added that the band would not be called Skid Row. And Bach on his website says that he was told by his lawyer the four members are working on record but they weren't planning on using the name.

Bach makes it clear in interviews and on his site that he's not bowing out willingly. "I would love nothing more on earth than to do another Skid Row album," he says. Bach says he hadn't talked to his bandmates since August 1996 but contacted them late last

year after being offered the opening slot for Kiss's Meadowlands show New Years' Eve. At that time, says Bach, only drummer Rob Affuso wanted to play the date, the other three, Bolan, Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo, declined, much to his disappointment.

Says Bach: "When I asked Rob about why we couldn't play on new years with Kiss his exact words were, 'It's Rachel. he just doesn't want to do the band anymore'.

Meanwhile Bach has been concentrating on The Last Hard Men, a side project put together last fall by former Breeder Kelley Deal to record a song for the movie Scream. The band, which features Bach, Deal, keyboardist Jimmy Flemion (The Frogs) and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin (ex-Smashing Pumpkins), just completed sessions for Atlantic Records that are most likely to lead to a CD release later this year.