Which Shailene Woodley Are You? [QUIZ]

Find out if you're more Tris... or Kaitlin Cooper.

"The Divergent Series: Insurgent" is but days away from lighting up your home theater with an all-new round of intense faction action, which means we're about to see another installment of Shailene Woodley being hardcore AF. YES.

But anyone who's followed Woodley's burgeoning career well knows that she hasn't always been quite the system-shattering revolutionary. In fact, her on-screen personas have been pretty all over the place, from a well-to-do Orange County mini debutante, to a teen mom with lots of family woes, to a girl who's facing life's ultimate challenge: the end. And she's fit every pair of shoes she's been given, that's for sure.

To celebrate Shai's supreme flavor of awesome sauce and have a little fun with her impressive filmography, we devised this quiz to help you determine which of her characters you're most like. You may *think* you know already, but the results might just surprise you. Hit it.

"Insurgent" hits Blu-ray and DVD Aug. 4.