Watch These Professors Read Their Own 'Rate My Professors' Reviews

They have a better sense of humor about their bad reviews than you'd think.

The Crimson White -- University of Alabama's newspaper -- had the genius idea to film their school's professors reading their own Rate My Professors reviews. Rate My Professors is a website that collects reviews and ratings for both specific teachers and colleges as a whole.

Most students are brutally honest in their reviews. Many complain about course assignments, while some even admit to cheating ("Look up the solution manual online and copy it"). The professors are unfazed by these confessions and seem to be more concerned about the kids' grammar fails in their reviews.

"There's no punctuation and all of the 'you's are actually written as the letter 'u,'" said history professor Dr. Peacock (I'll refrain from making any references to the Mrs. Peacock in the Clue board game here).

Watch the full video below:

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My favorite part is definitely the kid who called Professor Klutz -- seriously, what is with these names?! -- the "trillest teacher in school." I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds like a good thing.