Get To Know The 5 'Catfish' Detectives Stepping In For Max Joseph

While the silver fox is away, his partner in crime Nev Schulman won't be flying solo!

Max Joseph and Nev Schulman have always been by each other's sides as they've ventured to successfully uncover countless cyber crooks. But on the first few episodes of the upcoming installment of "Catfish" -- which will premiere on Wednesday, February 25 at 10/9c -- the "We Are Your Friends" director will be noticeably absent from the super-sleuthing action:

Fortunately, Nev won't be flying solo while putting his remarkable spy skills to good use. Before their respective "Catfish" debuts, get to know the diverse guys and gals aiding the author, and stay with MTV News for more updates on Season 4!

Tyler Oakley

Nev Schulman's Instagram


Judging by this goofy snap, it seems like Nev already gets along famously with the notorious YouTube personality. Get your tackle box raring and ready because you're about to hit zee road, Ty!

Angel Haze

Angel Haze's Twitter


The hip-hop artist teased her upcoming appearance by sharing a Twitpic with her fellow "goof" last November -- and soon enough, we'll get to witness Angel embark on an unforgettable scavenger hunt to expose some guilty-as-sin folks.

Charlamagne Tha God

mgid uma image 8604434

The "Guy Code" star has made it no secret that he's totally impressed by the guys' efforts to hook, line and sinker internet impostors. Now, Charlamagne will get to put his knowledge to the test when he joins in on the detective action.

Cassidy Wolf

Getty Images Entertainment

Cassidy Wolf

The Miss Teen USA winner is no stranger to digital deception: She was the victim of sextortion back in 2013, a troubling experience which she'll candidly open up about during her tenure on the program.

Alex Shaffer

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Alex Shaffer

The thesp has a direct connection to the silver fox himself: Alex stars opposite Zac Efron in Max's coming-of-age feature film. Max, you better make sure to give your boy some pointers before he enters the investigatory field of virtual puppeteers.