Did Jay Z Ban Dipset Music From 40/40 Clubs? Cam'ron Has A Theory

Harlem rapper addresses Hov's 'attitude' on 'Pound Cake,' and wonders why they won't play Diplomats music at Jay's club.

Cam'ron is over his rap beef with Jay Z. Even though the two traded shots back in 2006 with songs like "You Gotta Love It" and "Dig-A-Hole," Killa says he's over it, and when Hov mentioned his name on Drake's "Pound Cake," Cam'ron didn't take it as a diss.

The Diplomats founder does have one question though: Where's the love?

"I think he has more of an attitude with us than we have with him. We had our moment back and forth, but I'm kinda over it. Like if you go to the 40/40 Club you're not allowed to play Diplomat music," the Harlem rapper alleged when he spoke with MTV News on Wednesday.

There is no question, most artists associated with Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella Records proposed--especially during the labels heyday in the early aughts when he, Dame Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke ran the label together. On Drake's "Pound Cake," Jigga took a moment to remind listeners of his golden touch and included Cam'ron and industry executive Lyor Cohen in his list of benefactors. "I've done made more millionaires than the lotto did," he started before finishing. "Lyor made millions, Cam made millions."

Cam'ron doesn't completely disagree with Jay, but on "Come and Talk To Me," a track off of his newly released Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 mixtape, Killa makes it clear that he earned his first seven-figures before Jay came into the picture. "We made each other millions, that was my reply/ Had a mil before I met him baby, that ain't no lie," he raps over a classic 1990's Jodeci beat.

"The way he worded what he worded, it made it seem like he made people money who already kinda had money," Cam clarified, saying he simply wanted to clear the air on "Come and Talk to Me." "I knew Jay when he didn't have a million dollars, so I like to see his progression; I like to see the hustle. I'm happy to see somebody from the urban community that could go out and make a half-a-billion dollars."

Even when some viewed the original Jay lyric as a slight, Cam refuses to take the bait, but still he wonders why Hov is still bothered by Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey, who have made a number of rap favorites as the Diplomats.

"It's ridiculous. I got DJs who DJ in there, who are my people and you can't play no Diplomat music in there. Will we irk you that much," Cam says of the supposed ban in Hov's string of 40/40 Club. "That's the thing that make me be like, 'Wow.' Because I don't care, I like it, because if I had $500,000 million nothing can make me mad. But just for the simple fact that we get under your skin that much good because we're that fly, we're that flashy, and we just that type of people to get you upset. But I don't have any problem with him, I think it's cool, but c'mon."

The 40/40 Club had no comment when reached by MTV News about the reported ban.