This 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Reunion Is Not What It Seems

Two of the Russo members ‘met up’ at an Apple Store

Days after Wizards of Waverly Place's ninth anniversary celebration, two of the Disney show's cast members reunited at an Apple Store, of all places. Well, sorta. Over the weekend, David DeLuise, who played Wizards patriarch Jerry Russo, posted his reunion with Selena Gomez on Instagram. The duo stumbled upon each other at an Apple Store.

OK, OK: So it's not an actual reunion, but it's still pretty magical. (Sorry.) While DeLuise hasn't posted a legit reunion with Gomez recently — at least not one shared on social media — he did reunite with his eldest TV son, David Henrie, over the summer. After Henrie captioned the pic, "#TBT to a couple weeks ago getting to see my wiz-pops," DeLuise reposted the adorable photo, writing he was "so proud" of Henrie.

Now all DeLuise needs is some kind of reunion with his youngest TV son, Jake T. Austin, and we'll be golden.


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