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Is Lena Dunham Quitting Acting After 'Girls'?

Who will star in her next HBO show?

Lena Dunham has become intrinsically tied up in viewers' minds with the characters that she both writes and portrays, but with future projects, that might not be as much of an issue. Dunham, it seems, might be taking some steps away from the limelight when it comes to acting.

"I don't know if I'm going to want to act anymore," Dunham told Glamour in her upcoming cover issue. "I'm always relieved on the days I don't have to.... I'd rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts."

Dunham, who recently hosted "Saturday Night Live," has taken the starring role in pretty much all of her cinematic projects to date -- from Aura in "Tiny Furniture," which also starred her real-life mom and sister, to Hannah Horvath on "Girls."

Consequently, viewers often conflate the writer/actress with her characters, according to Dunham. "That's something I've come up against," Dunham told Glamour. "People [thinking], 'If HBO had just asked me, I would have made a TV show that was just as good but included more people or was smarter or funnier.' Like, 'Hey, just give me half an hour and a million dollars, and I'll do this.'"

Although Dunham has said that a lot of the show is "true to life," it's safe to say that the woman who has managed to pen both a hit show and a memoir before turning 30 is not the exactly the same person as her onscreen alter ego, who passes out at the mere thought of working on her book after a full day of work.

Go-getter that she (IRL) is, Dunham is reportedly working on yet another HBO series with "Girls" executive producer Jenni Konner based on the life of longtime Bergdorf Goodman personal shopper and New York icon Betty Halbreich.

Given her remarks to Glamour, we're guessing that leading role is wide-open when it comes to casting.