It's Nick Jonas vs. Tom Holland In 'Chaos Walking'

Jonas joins the film adaptation of Patrick Ness's post-apocalyptic YA trilogy

Nick Jonas has joined Spider-Man star Tom Holland and Star Wars heroine Daisy Ridley in Doug Liman's film adaptation of Chaos Walking. The post-apocalyptic thriller is based on the best-selling YA trilogy from Patrick Ness.

After making his Sundance debut in last year's fraternity drama Goat and proving his comedic chops in the forthcoming blockbuster Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jonas will turn to the dark side in Chaos Walking as jealousy-driven antagonist Davy Prentiss Jr, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

For those unfamiliar with Chaos Walking, Davy Jr. is a young soldier, the son of the series' main antagonist Mayor Prentiss (played by Mads Mikkelson), and the longtime rival of protagonist Todd Hewitt (Holland). But there's more to Davy Jr. than meets the eye.

Chaos Walking takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where a virus has killed all of the women and inflicted the remaining men with Noise, a phenomenon that allows them to hear each other's every thought through a stream of images, words, and sounds. But when teenage Todd makes a startling discovery — a girl who lacks Noise (played by Ridley) — he realizes that she may be the key to unlocking their desolate society's many secrets.

Regardless of what happens, seeing Holland and Jonas go toe to toe on the big screen should be worth the price of admission alone. That, and seeing Daisy Ridley outside of space.

Chaos Walking is scheduled for release on March 1, 2019.