5 Seconds Of Summer Go Through The World's Worst Dentist Trip In 'Teeth'

Is it too late to push back your next appointment?

Dentists have a reputation as the scariest doctors. Often, we're paralyzed with fear as hook-shaped scalpels delicately dance across our gum lines, followed by fluoride treatments and flossing guides. If you have a phobia of dentists, orthodontists, or surgery in general, then 5 Seconds Of Summer's new video for "Teeth" will be an exhilarating, scary experience for you. It follows the group getting operated on, all at the same time. After being knocked unconscious, they journey to a world of musical magic that's dark and scary where anything happens.

The 5SOS guys look scared when "Teeth" starts off. They sit, plastered to their operating chairs, in varying degrees of rising fear. It doesn't help that their dental doctors look at them with an expression that sits in the middle of contempt and murderous glee. These oral surgeons have things to do though, so instead of waiting until the group calms down, they're placed into anesthetic comas and they end up in a nightmarish realm.

Still, they grab instruments and deliver the prickly pop tune's angsty energy. They wade through clouds of mist, work to escape from chain blocks, and climb mysterious ladders, all while avoiding creepy spiritual versions of their dentists. When it ends, we see the group's bodies in the real world, unconscious, while their dentists stand over them. It's a hell of an open ending that leaves you to ponder what happened next.

"Teeth" is the latest release from 5SOS. The group dropped "Easier" in May, complete with a haunting video inspired by "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. That song landed them two nominations for Best Group and Best Pop at the 2019 VMAs.

Watch 5SOS go through a terrible dentist trip in the "Teeth" visual up above.