Kylie Jenner Makes A Deal With The Makeup Artist Who Accused Her Of Copycatting

Law & Order: Kylie Cosmetics Unit

The trouble in Kylie Jenner lip kit paradise has been ... resolved, maybe? Last year, makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Kylie of ripping off her work in promotional shots for Kylie Cosmetics.

Now it seems as if Kylie and Haggerty have reached a sort of agreement — not through money (at least that we know of), but through Kylie's greatest asset: her exposure to millions on Instagram. Yesterday Kylie reposted a picture of Haggerty's original work, to both her personal and brand account, captioning it with credit to both the makeup artist and photographer.

And over the weekend, she posted a shot of metallic liquid lips attributed to Haggerty. There's speculation that this image was the inspiration for Kylie Cosmetics' logo itself.

Now that this has been resolved, Kylie has more time to devote to cracking down on the fake-lip-kit epidemic that is sweeping the nation. This has been another edition of Law & Order: Kylie Cosmetics Unit.