5SOS Have Changed Their Name And It’s ‘Lookin Sexy’

Say hello to 5 Seconds of Sexx.

5 Seconds of Summer are no more...they are now officially 5 Seconds of Sexx.

At least on Twitter.

For Halloween, the guys decided to dress up as an '80s rock band, complete with leopard leggings, eyeliner and a lot of leather, but it seems that they like this look so much that they've decided to stick with it.

On Friday (Oct. 30), the guys made the announcement on Twitter that they were changing their name and revealed that they have come to "Rock YUR World."

The guys -- Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton -- are clearly taking this pretty seriously, even getting into character, ditching their last names and coming up with new personas.

So 5SOS Fam, say hello the new members of your favorite band.

Ashton Axxe

Lucas Loxx

Michael Magixx

Calum Coxx

We are pretty positive that this is all just a joke, since it's not the first or second time they've changed their name (remember Doge 5SOS and 5 Seconds of Ham?), but it's hysterical, and I hope that they keep posting these pictures for the rest of this Halloween weekend.