Kristen Stewart Predicted The ‘Twilight’ Gender-Swap Years Ago — Watch

Mind. Blown.

Are we sure Kristen Stewart isn't actually a sparkly "Twilight" vampire IRL? Because she's clearly got psychic powers to rival even Alice Cullen's abilities.

Back in 2012, when "Breaking Dawn Part 2" was about to rip theaters apart and the gender-swapped "Twilight: Life and Death" was just a gleam in Stephenie Meyer's eye, asked Kristen Stewart how she finds Bella to be a positive female role model despite the criticism against her -- and in the process of answering, the actress had some interesting things to say about how an audience might react to "Twilight" with the genders swapped.

(Coincidentally, reporter Shaunna Murphy now works for MTV News.)

Her theory was that people are too hard on Bella for allowing herself to be vulnerable and trusting of Edward when they wouldn't be if the gender dynamic was reversed. "I think if you were to swap the roles, if you were to have Edward and Bella be [switched], people would find him to be so courageous," she said. "Like, 'Wow, he just laid it out on the line for her and really trusts himself and even in the face of the strongest adversity, he doesn't deny his feelings!'"

"If it wasn't for [Bella], they'd have stopped after the first movie," she added.

Stewart's definitely got a point in that too often we expect our pop culture heroines to be kick-ass and invulnerable at all times, and that the boys who end up rely on these girls are often celebrated (Katniss and Peeta from "The Hunger Games" totally come to mind). Interestingly, her words also mirror Stephenie Meyer's given reason for writing "Twilight: Life and Death," which was to prove that "Twilight" would be the same story of a "human in distress" regardless of whether the human is male or female.

But will Beau be considered as "courageous" as Stewart suggests he could be? The book just came out yesterday, so only time will tell. But Stewart's right about one thing -- odds are there won't be any sequels, given how the new book ends.

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