Lady Gaga Wears Vivienne Westwood's 'Climate Revolution' Shirt Straight Off The Runway

Lady Gaga wears Vivienne Westwood's "Climate Revolution" shirt one day after its London Fashion Week runway debut.

Photo: Getty Images

It was Lady Gaga's surprise walk for Philip Treacy's London Fashion Week show that had us all bracing ourselves, gripping the arms of our desk chairs in near-disbelief as she sported not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR different outfits. Now, we're slack-jawed and slow-clapping for the break-neck speed with which she's taken Vivienne Westwood's "Climate Revolution" shirt from the runway to the street. In this case, that speed would be a cool 24 hours. *rubs eyes and triple takes at computer screen*

Yup. Westwood showed this "Climate Revolution" tee at her Red Label LFW show on Sunday, September 16, and just one day later, Gaga was already spotted supporting Dame Viv's climate cause on the streets of London. We wouldn't be surprised if Mother Monster was wearing the VERY shirt this green-faced model trotted down the catwalk in since Westwood prefers people partake in a limited consumption lifestyle for the sake of the environment. She divulges in an interview with Reuters after her show, "I wish they wouldn't buy this new collection ... Don't buy any clothes for ages until you really have to." Whether Gaga bought, was gifted, or even (*GASP*) forcibly snatched (JK, she would never!) the "Climate Revolution" tee, we applaud both her environmental activism AND her sartorial savvy, wielding a garment just ONE DAY after its runway debut. You better work, girl!

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